After yesterday’s flurry of activity, our beach was relatively calm this morning. It may be a case of too much human activity at all hours.

PRG: Chelsey had a questionable U-turn false crawl below the HTL in front of the North Beach Villas. There was so much disruption of it and the surrounds due to footprints that it made it difficult to evaluate. There was no discernible body pit and we can’t be entirely certain that it wasn’t the result of human activity. However, Chelsey probed about 60 times just to be thorough. Otherwise there was no other activity.  A cabana/tent worker that Chelsey encountered said they had been filling in some holes as well as their tent anchor holes and commented, “we are just visitors but this is the turtles’ home so we need to take care of them”. Love to hear that!
DEBFC09 (PRG) in front of the North Beach Villas

PRG 4 DEB 8 HOB 13 SCUTE 76 SC 3554

7-2-23 Chelsey did a good job of spotting this faint U turn false crawl in front of North Beach Villas. All the human foot traffic made it difficult to see.