Middle: Pat St, subbing for Donna S this morning, had a tight U turn false crawl south WW#6. She said the turtle did not come up very far, the tracks were even and there was no interruption of the crawl.

Hobcaw: Our beloved Gimpy that has visited Hobcaw for some 25 years, attempted unsucessfully to nest yesterday. She is missing her left rear flipper and cannot dig her egg chamber deep enough to deposit eggs. Her crawl is very distinctive with an impression up the middle made by the flipper stump.

Duane and Jim teamed up this morning and encountered Gimpy’s 2nd crawl north #18mm. There was an open chamber and piled up sand on one side because she can only dig with her right rear flipper. There was a difference in crawl lengths indicating she spent some time on the beach. Jim, working toward certification, got some probing experience but no eggs were located.