DEB: Carolyn found a perfect crawl with a body pit nestled close to the sand fence just north WW#9. Taking her time studying what the turtle had done, Carolyn easily located the egg chamber. There were 3 broken eggs in the top so she cleaned those around them and used one shell for DNA.

DEB51 Natural  north WW#9

HOB: Wendy had 2 U-turn false crawls, likely by the same turtle.

HOBFC01  south #12SS 

HOBFC01  south #16SS 

PRG 2 DEB 1 HOB 2 SCUTE 6 (SLB) SC 261

5-20-23 This turtle crawled up to the base of a sand fence to put her nest our of harm’s way.
5-20-23 Carolyn, studying the crawl, located the egg chamber and was happy to leave the nest natural.
5-20-23 This turtle decided not to crawl any further and made a U-turn south #12SS on Hobcaw.
5-20-23 Wendy found a similar U turn false crawl south #16SS. The turtle decided this was not the place for her to nest.