Middle: Lori and Michael subbed for Pat and John. Though not yet certified, they had enough experience last season to recognize activity. They found a perfect crawl in front of the peach house that went all the way to the dune! Betsy joined them for instruction. They spent time studying the field signs before both had a chance to probe. It was Lori that found the soft area and, digging down, located an egg! Jessica and Scott from Wyoming were there and helped Lori smooth out the area for the screen while Michael went for supplies. Yay for Lori and good job DEB05 team!

DEB05   south WW#2   

Hobcaw: Duane subbed for Bob and found a crawl south #1mm. The location appeared to be ideal but the turtle didn’t think so.

HOBFC12   south #1mm   

 DEB 5 HOB 4 SCUTE 23 SC 1006

5-27-22 This turtle crawled up to the slant of the dune to an ideal location for her nest.
5-27-22 Probing, Lori found a soft area and dug down in search of an egg chamber.
5-27-22 With eggs found, Michael and Lori check out the chamber.
5-27-22 While Michael fetched supplies, the nest was perfectly detailed for the 55-60 day incubation.
5-27-22 Michael and Lori are the official nest parents of DEB05!
5-27-22 DEB05 team!