Middle: Walter found a crawl 200 yds. north of WW# 6. Bob B. was walking the North with Ingrid and Tom so Betsy sent him to the Middle. Walter supervised as Bob did a complete job of finding chamber, taking DNA sample, removing eggs, transporting and picking a new site. The new nest of 138 eggs was relocated to just south of WW#4. Unfortunately, the female turtle filled her chamber and 17 additional eggs did not fit and she crushed them in the covering process. One of the eggs was used for DNA. Walter showed Bob how to clean yolk off the effected eggs using sand. Congratulations to Bob on his first relocation. Excellent work!

DEB01 was laid just north of WW#6 against the scarped dune.
Bob transfers 138 viable eggs to a bucket and then to a new nest.
Bob proudly shows protected DEB01!