PRG: Jean, walking with Michael E., came across a crawl close to the Beach Club. They were joined by Carolyn and later Betsy. Jean thoroughly probed the area and did not locate a nest. Carolyn and Betsy also probed and as there was little disturbed sand, it was determined that this was a false crawl. Bill, our esteemed Turtle Whisper, went back to the crawl before crowds and wind obscured the crawl/body pit. He found the nest chamber and converted a false crawl into Debordieu SCUTE’s first nest.  Yeah…what a great learning experience for everyone!

PRG01 –  Natural    north of the Beach Club in front of North Beach Villas

5-13-23 Jean probes the first crawl of the season in the PRG section in front of North Beach Villas.
5-13-23 Bill checked out the crawl and located the egg chamber…PRG01!
5-13-23 PRG01