North: Steven, joined by Chelsey, subbed for Judy this morning. In front of the Ocean Park bath house walkway, they found a crawl leading up to the steps. Finding no other activity, they returned to the crawl. With Steven instructing, they studied what the turtle had done and Chelsey probed. She eventually located the chamber of DEB01…way to go! They uncovered the top of the nest to make sure no eggs were broken in probing. Duane and Trisha, finding no activity in the Middle, observed and helped get the supplies. Great teamwork!

DEB 1 HOB 1 SCUTE 11 SC 500

5-22-22 Steven and Chelsey found this crawl in Ocean Park.
5-22-22 The body pit appeared to show a nest was beneath. The fluffy sand denotes digging and covering of the nest.
5-22-22 Chelsey, working toward certification, carefully probed the nest and located the egg chamber of DEB01… YAY Chelsey!
5-22-22 Chelsey and Steven show off a protected and marked DEB01.
5-22-22 Duane and Trisha finished their Middle walk and went to check out the Ocean Park crawl, observe and help retrieve supplies. The DEB01 team documented the event with this happy photo!