Hobcaw: This morning’s only activity was of the major variety!! Bob B. and Denise actually met Gimpy near #15mm and were able to watch her in action, taking photos and videos! We now know that it is her LEFT rear flipper she is missing, not right. She lists to the left and crawls at an angle making the stump imprint on the center-right of her crawl. In this crawl she made 2 attempts. Bob said the 2nd chamber she dug seemed to be deep enough but Gimpy didn’t think so and headed back into the ocean. He probed the chamber but found nothing. It has been about 25 years since Gimpy was actually last seen. This morning was a great experience for Bob and Denise. Thankfully, they were able to witness it together! Watch video: https://youtu.be/yRzbtaDb40o

HOBFC32  46 yds. north #15mm  HOBFC33  30 yds north #10

Gimpy’s unsuccessful attempt to nest, one of 2 false crawls Bob and Denise found this morning.
Gimpy had not actually been seen for 25 years. This morning Denise and Bob B. met her on Hobcaw, took a video and photos. Sadly, she crawled twice and again did not deposit eggs.
Gimpy returns to the ocean leaving no nest behind.
It was a long night for this old turtle and she was surely glad to get back in her watery home. Come back and nest tonight Gimpy!

DEB 19 HOB 28 SCUTE 88 SC 3338