Gimpy, on her 3rd nesting cycle this season, has had 15 false crawls since June 30. On Wednesday, there were 2 crawls on DeBordieu Middle where she had never come up before. Last night she revisited the Middle just south of WW#5 and had the good fortune to find a digging partner in our dedicated volunteer, Kathi A.! At midnight, Kathi found Gimpy on the beach near her house. The turtle is missing her left rear flipper and had difficulty digging her chamber deep enough. As Gimpy scooped out sand on the right, Kathi scooped out sand on the left until the chamber was deep enough. Gimpy felt around with her good flipper and deemed it sufficient and began dropping her eggs. Kathi stood back and watched as Gimpy finished the process on her own. Both girls were exhausted from their evening and retreated home at 2:00 a.m. Kathi was able to send us several videos from this thrilling experience!   

Middle: This morning, Bob C. was on Middle duty. He had been informed about Gimpy’s nest. Having no other activity and working with Bill, they decided the Gimpy’s nest location was below the spring tide line. Too much effort went into this nest to jeopardize it’s safety. Bob located the chamber and carefully moved the eggs directly back. What an honor you had, Bob, and you did it well!
DEB20   32 yds. south WW#5  Relocated 125 eggs 

Gimpy assisted by Kathi A. was able to deposit her clutch of 125 eggs just south WW#5. This was her 16th attempt in 10 days…success!
The clutch was relocated to get it out of the tide line. Gimpy and Kathi worked hard to make this nest happen!
Bob C. with instruction from Bill relocated Gimpy’s nest to better habitat at the base of the dune south of WW#5.

DEB 20 HOB 33 SCUTE 118 SC 3816