The turtle missing a left rear flipper that has visited Hobcaw and DeBordieu beaches for 20+ years, has made 2 more unsuccessful attempts to nest. Gimpy tried at #11mm and #12mm this morning but could not dig her chambers deep enough for her clutch of eggs. If, after multiple times, she is not successful, Gimpy will have to drop her eggs in the ocean. Another clutch is developing and there is simply no room. Loggerheads will nest 4-7 times every 2-3 years. We are pulling for you Gimpy!!

5-20-22 Gimpy has a distinctive crawl due to her missing left rear flipper. It leaves an indention up the center made by the stump left by the missing flipper. She has made up to 18 attempts to deposit one clutch of eggs. In 2019, a volunteer actually assisted Gimpy in digging her nest. She deposited her clutch of 120+ eggs…YAY!
5-20-22 This is a typical open chamber left by Gimpy because she can’t dig deep enough to drop her 100+ eggs. Loggerheads use their hind flippers to excavate the chamber, alternating right and left. When she instinctively reaches in to take out sand with her left, she gets none. A coyote was interested in Gimpy’s attempt and left multiple tracks.