Dear Volunteers,

Tonight we did the inventory of DEB51 5/20 (60 days) located just north WW#9. Walter gathered the crowd of about 40 for turtle education while Judy M. dug out the nest with Martha and Pat S. counting and sorting. Judy immediately started finding frisky hatchlings and the bucket was summoned! In all she pulled out 13! Carolyn carried the bucket to the lower beach and released the turtles. Everyone listened to Walter’s hatchling release instructions and all 13 had an easy entry into the calm ocean. It was a great way to start the inventory season. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out:) The hatch success was 77%.

7-22-23 As Walter began to educate the group, Judy M, Martha and Pat S. conducted the inventory of DEB51.
7-22-23 In all 13 turtles were found in the nest that did not make it out on their own. The bucket is quite an attraction for all ages!
7-22-23 One by one, the hatchlings are put on the lower beach to make their way to the ocean.
7-22-23 Onlookers love watching the turtles parade past as they instinctively make their trek to the ocean and then on the Gulf Stream.
7-22-23 Everyone waits till all 13 turtles are safely in the ocean and then gives a big round of applause!