DEB12 Natural  6/1 located 3 yds. south #6mm (Ocean Park)     

DEB15 Relocated  6/1 located 145 yds. south Beach Club walkway 


DEB16 Natural 6/8 located between WW#5 and WW #6


DEB14 Natural (green) 6/5 located 47 yds. south WW#2 (peach house)   

DEB 45  HOB 34 SCUTE 241  SC 7542

8-3-22 An early morning inventory produced a number of hatchlings found in the chamber that had not made it out. They were released on the beach to imprint and crawl to the ocean!
8-3-22 DEB14, one of 2 green sea turtle nests here this season, hatched at 59 days. Donna took this photo of the numerous tracks indicating a healthy hatch! The nest is located just south of Pioneer Place Villas (WW#2) in front of the peach house. The inventory will be Saturday at 6:00 pm.