Middle: With all quiet on the North and Hobcaw this foggy morning, the hatching of the green nest took center stage! At 57 days into incubation, a surprised Pat St. found about 80+ tracks out of DEB45 10 yds. north WW#5. The hatchlings did not use the provided pathways with the tied up grasses but, instead, were drawn to the Grand Strand glow and headed north. Some chose to go through the grasses and others, staying together, found a clearing and headed seaward. It was beautiful the way the tracks fanned out. There was evidence of ghost crabs but the green hatchlings, with their long flippers, likely out paced the crabs. We are unsure of the hatch time as the tracks disappeared at the high tide line (5:43 am). It could have hatched earlier last night and the high tide covered the tracks. https://youtu.be/sEMEB8BtbxA

We will inventory (last public) this nest Sunday at 6:00 pm! 

9-22-22 Evidence of green sea turtle tracks at DEB45 just north WW#5.
9-22-22 The turtles were drawn to the glow of the Grand Strand but then headed seaward.
9-22-22 The smart hatchlings went in a large group and found a clearing to make their escape to the ocean!
9-22-22 Traveling north along the pathway between the dunes and grasses, these turtles finally found a clearing.