Middle: We will inventory DEB45 Natural 7/27 located between Walkways #4 and #5 at 6:00 pm. This is a special nest since loggerheads are the predominant nesting sea turtles on the SC coast. This year the state had 21 green nests and DeBordieu had 2 of those. DEB45 had an amazing hatch at 57 days on Thursday, Sept. 22 with 80+ tracks counted! The SC Department of Natural Resources requires volunteers to wait 3 nights after a hatch to dig out the contents. This gives the nest time to complete hatching. At inventory, we sometimes find hatchlings that have not made it out of the chamber on their own. If found, we put them on the beach to “imprint” and make their way to the ocean. Please join us tonight for our last public inventory of the ’22 season!

Loggerhead hatchling
Green hatchling