Middle: Debbie had a crawl just south of the Beach Club where the turtle bumped along the low dune for several yards. Probing, Debbie was not having any luck. Buffie and Mark, having no activity on the North, went to help out. They also could not find a chamber after exhausting all the possibilities.

DEBFC08  south WW#1 (middle of Pioneer Place Villas)

Hobcaw: Steven, joined by 2 cousins from Argentina, had a crawl south #14mm. The body pit was high on a dune but below the vegetation and Steven located the egg chamber!

HOB06 Natural   south #14mm   

DEB 14 HOB 6 SCUTE 52 SC 2096

6-6-22 Debbie found this crawl where the turtle appeared to bump along the low dune before deciding to exit.
6-6-22 This turtle came in south #14mm on Hobcaw and dug a body pit high near the vegetation.
6-6-22 Steven found this crawl with a body pit high up on the dune. He located it and left it natural.