Hobcaw: Susan met up with Debbie and Mitzi and had a crawl early into their walk! Susan went through the steps of determining incoming/outgoing, direction of thrown sand and how to determine the clutch location in the body pit. Debbie and Mitzi both had an opportunity to probe. Susan demonstrated since this was her first nest of the season…good teamwork!

HOB04 Natural  north #3mm   

2021 nesting: The numbers below in parentheses are where we stood on this date in 2021. Looks like it’s going to be a healthy season!

DEB 4 (2) HOB 4 (2) SCUTE 19 (7) SC 912 (313)

5-26-22 Susan, walking with Mitzi and Debbie, found this crawl with nest potential north #3mm on Hobcaw.
5-26-22 The body pit, with thrown sand behind, indicated the turtle excavated sand. After going through the field signs with her trainees, Susan gave each an opportunity to probe.
5-26-22 Mitzi and Debbie were excited to participate in their first turtle nest, HOB04!