Tonight, we did the inventory of HOB02 5/22 at WW#12 in Ocean Green. It was our first public inventory in 2 seasons and it went well! The crowd was down on the beach as Carolyn spoke and Duane dug out the nest above on the high dune. Wendy and Pat O., sorting/counting, got the inventory done efficiently in 10 minutes. We had one sluggish turtle that perked up as it got near the water. The excited, cooperative crowd was happy to hear the nest was a 92% success! Thanks to all the volunteers who were there to assist in various ways. Also, thanks to Anastasia Loggerhead who stayed in her “shell” long enough for a group photo with the volunteers!

Next Inventory: DEB02  5/25  between WW#3 & #4  Thursday at 6:00 p.m.

Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!

7-28-21 “Anastasia Loggerhead” wore her costume long enough to pose with the volunteers. Here she shows her plastron (belly) side.
7-28-21 A. Loggerhead’s shell is called the carapace!
7-28-21 The inventory team for HOB02 was Duane, Pat O. and Wendy.
7-28-21 One hatchling that didn’t make it out of the nest on it’s own was put in a bucket for release. Martha showed excited spectators the 2 in. hatchling.
7-28-21 It is important for sea turtles to crawl on the beach and “imprint” the location of their “home” beach. 30 years later, some female turtles come back to nest in the area where they hatched. Through DNA we have learned some are site specific and some travel great distances between nests.
7-28-21 The crowd wishes the little hatchling safe travels as it heads off for the Gulf Stream, 60 miles offshore. Here, it will find the mats of sargassum weed that offer it a place to hide, rest and feed as they ride the current of the “great blue highway”.