Hobcaw: Steven had a false crawl this morning close to Brandie’s yesterday. It was 43 yds. south #13mm and is likely the same turtle. This time she tried to climb high on the dune. The problem here is that it is all soft sand and she cannot form her chamber without it caving in. Steven put in 5 reeds with the hopes she will return tonight. From her crawl, we can tell it is not Gimpy, our Hobcaw turtle that is missing part of her left rear flipper and has a distinctive crawl. She has multiple false crawls before finally nesting:( This is her year to come back.
DEB 4   HOB 1   SCUTE 17   SC 520
5-20 This turtle wanted her nest to be high and dry but could not form a chamber in the soft sand.
5-20 Steven attempted probing the crawl but without finding a chamber.