Hobcaw: Bob and his photographer wife Denise, teamed up again and had 3 crawls to report. One turned out to be a nest and the other 2 were false crawls, possibly the same turtle on either side of #13mm. Bob checked every nest for predator/hatching activity. Thanks for your efforts Team Baird!

HOB34   45 yds. north #19mm HOBFC49   48 yds. south #13mm     HOBFC50   65 yds. north #13mm        

Bob found a long crawl with body pit north #19 near the inlet.
Probing and digging, Bob located the egg chamber of HOB34…Go Bob!
It seems this turtle tried to scale the dune but had no luck in digging a chamber in the soft sand…a false crawl.

DEB 20 HOB 34 SCUTE 119 SC 3951