Hobcaw: Brandie could not walk at the last minute and, thankfully, Michael stepped up to fill in:) He had a total of 3 crawls. Here is how it worked out:

HOB34 Natural  south #2mm  laid on low slant of dune in front of grasses     great job Michael!

HOBFC62  south #2mm   turnaround in grasses

HOBFC63  north #13mm   U turn low on the beach


DEB10 5/31  8 yds. south #8mm (just north of DeBordieu on Arcadia)

DEB09 5/31  15 yds. south #14mm (Prince George)

DEB02 5/24  22 yds. north #14 (at Prince George)

DEB 45  HOB 34 SCUTE 240 SC 7446

7-31-22 Michael found a crawl with a promising body pit south #2mm on Hobcaw. He moved on south to find 2 more crawls that turned out to be aborted attempts.
7-31-22 Michael studied the body pit and wasted no time honing in on the possible chamber area and found it!
7-31-22 DEB34 was laid in a good spot above the spring tide line on the low slant of the dune. Congratulations to Michael!