Hobcaw: Brandie and Ryan had a busy morning with 3 crawls! Each one had a distinctive barnacle scratch down the centers of the crawls. Brandie probed crawls south #3mm and south #6mm and ran into roots, found no soft spots and said tracks were equal and decided they were false crawls.

North #2mm a turtle crawled over HOB11 6/15 and lifted up the screen. It appeared she nested on top of the existing nest and when Brandie probed, she confirmed it was a nest (yay)! The chambers of the 2 nests are 2-3 ft. apart. It could be the same turtle but there is only 12 days difference….DNA will tell us! 

DEB 25 HOB 17 SCUTE 101 SC 2852

6-27-21 HOB17 crawled over HOB11 in her effort to nest.
6-27-21 The turtle actually lifted the screen of HOB11 while digging her chamber.
6-27-21 Brandie successfully located the chamber of HOB17 and was grateful it was 2-3 ft. south of HOB11!