Hobcaw: It was another busy morning and Duane took care of 3 crawls! It was an interesting survey beginning with a very long crawl south #0. It appeared the turtle nested and covered for a long stretch and then went toward the dune. She made a sharp pivot and returned to the ocean. Duane located the egg chamber and said the nest was shallow. At #2mm, there was a U turn and another crawl near #6mm up at the edge of the grasses. 

HOB12 Natural  south #0mm         

HOBFC27  north #2mm 

HOBFC28  north #6mm 

DEB 21 HOB 12 SCUTE 88 SC 2925

6-15-22 HOB12 had a long way to drop her eggs and return to the ocean. She nested and went to extensive efforts to cover/disguise her nest. She continued toward the dunes before making a sharp pivot and headed home.
6-15-22 The area of fluffy sand in the crawl is where Duane located the egg chamber.