Hobcaw: Wendy’s activity was on either side of #2mm this morning with 3 crawls. Two of the crawls were side by side (sisters?). A third to the south was a nest low on the beach in need of relocation. Wendy was busy but got the job done…way to go!

HOB27 Relocated  south #2mm  112 eggs +1 for DNA laid below the spring tide line (STL)

HOBFC54  north #2mm    turnaround

HOBFC55  north #2mm    into dead bushes, grasses

DEB 36             HOB 27                SCUTE 170                       SC 5911

7-9-22 Two turtles crawled up to almost the exact same location but neither nested here.
7-9-22 This turtle did lay a nest just to the south of the side by side crawls. Maybe it was one of those females trying again. This time she was successful and laid 112 eggs! Wendy had to relocate the nest because it was below the STL.
7-9-22 Wendy selected a good home at the base of the dune for the incubation of HOB27.