Hobcaw: The turtles only visited quiet and dark Hobcaw last night with all the 4th activity.

Brandie and Ryan found a crawl north #2mm with no body pit and a message written in Sharpie on a stone. Brandie hoped the presence of these people didn’t cause the turtle to abort her efforts. Thankfully, there was a textbook crawl that could have been the same turtle north #6mm where Brandie located eggs! There was another attempt by Gimpy with 2 areas of digging north #15mm. Brandie probed a likely area and dug in several spots but had no luck.

HOB30  76 yds. north #6mm  HOBFC36  74 yds. north #2mm Gimpy HOBFC37  29 yds. north #2mm 

This crawl north #6mm may have been a second attempt by a turtle who came up north #2mm. This time she nested and Brandie located the egg chamber…HOB30!
HOB30 was a textbook nest and laid in an ideal spot on a low dune. Good job, Brandie!
Gimpy made her 8th attempt in 6 days to nest. No eggs were found in this crawl.

Trash: Thanks to our volunteers for their beach debris pick up especially today. The week of the 4th is tough on the environment. Please remove tents, beach items, trash nightly and fill in holes above the high tide line. Thank you.

DEB 19 HOB 30 SCUTE 107 SC 3555