Hobcaw: Duane subbed for Wendy this morning and had a total of 3 crawls! Gimpy returned twice but without nesting again. This makes 7 times she has tried this week. Duane had a non-Gimpy crawl with a small area of thrown sand and interruption of tracks. He probed and located the egg chamber…his first solo nest..yay Duane!

HOBFC34  58 yds. north #11mm  HOBFC  75 yds. south #15mm  HOB29   40 yds. north #15mm   

Gimpy barely came out of the water and made no attempt to dig, a U-turn north #11mm on Hobcaw.
In another effort, Gimpy tried multiple times to dig and left an open chamber in her last attempt.
Duane found this non-Gimpy crawl with nest potential indicated by thrown sand and an area of covering in the tracks.
Duane was happy to locate the egg chamber and claim his first solo nest!

DEB 19 HOB 29 SCUTE 90 SC 3559