The first nest to hatch in SC was the 4/26 Kemps ridley nest at Hilton Head Island! First emergence was yesterday at 62 days. Earlier nests incubate longer because temperatures are less stable.

North: Judy K. had 2 false crawls very close together. It is evident that this is the same turtle by a line up the middle of the crawl, likely a barnacle on her plastron:
DEBFC15  190 yds. south #10mm 

DEBFC16  25 yds. south #10mm 

Hobcaw: Bill was joined by Buffie and Mark and they had one crawl north #1mm. They both probed with Mark finding a soft spot and Buffie confirming. Mark dug and retrieved an egg…yahoo! Bill said they are both getting the feel for locating chambers:)

HOB44 natural north #1mm

DEB 39 HOB 44 SCUTE 214 SC 5389

6-28 This is what late-risers miss…a beautiful Hobcaw sunrise!

6-28 HOB44 body pit located north #1mm.
6-28 Mark and Buffie are getting the feel for locating nest egg chambers…go Mark!
6-28 Mark and Buffie were a good team in finding and protecting HOB44.