Middle: Lori and Michael had a U turn false crawl

DEBFC32 north WW#10

Hobcaw: With this morning’s rain at sunrise, Bob saw a window around 9:30 . As luck would have it, there was lots of activity on the north end of HOB! Apparently, the false crawling turtle at WW#10 today went on to Ocean Park for another U turn and may have then nested south #0mm. Realizing he needed help, Lori and Michael were enlisted and went to work on the potential nest south #0mm which would need relocation. Here is what was found:

HOB24 Relocated  north #1mm   Lori located on 4th probe!    

HOBFC50  south WW#12  low on wide beach

HOBFC51  north #2mm  in grasses

DEB  30              HOB  24                SCUTE  147                       SC  4992   

7-1-22 HOB24 was laid in the middle of the wide newly renourished north section of Hobcaw. Bob knew it needed to be relocated.
7-1-22 Finding additional activity south on Hobcaw, Bob enlisted help from newly certified Lori and Michael. Lori found the egg chamber on her 4th probe. Michael dug the new chamber and went for supplies.
7-1-22 Michael and Lori gave HOB24 a better place to incubate at the base of the dunes. The hatchlings will have a long trek to the ocean.