Middle: Bob C. had 2 crawls in the scarped area by the same turtle that had a barnacle streak on the right side of her crawl. There was little evidence of nesting on either with one having an open chamber (means she did not nest).

DEBFC24  False crawl south WW#7 

DEBFC25  False crawl south WW#8 (open chamber)

Hobcaw: Susan and Pat St. had 3 crawls and 2 had high nest potential. The southernmost crawl had all the evidence of a nest but after probing/digging no eggs were found. Bill will give it a try tomorrow.

HOBFC31 False crawl? south #13mm 

HOBFC32 False crawl south WW#12 (tan house steps in Ocean Green). A lady watched turtle at 9:00 p.m. try to climb pushed up dune, turned and exited. Crawl appeared to have same streak on right side as 2 Middle false crawls 

HOB52  natural south #0mm (Pat St. located…Go Pat!)
DEB 44 HOB 51 SCUTE 249 SC 6209

7-4 Pat St. located this nest 30 yds. south #0mm…congratulations!
7-4 Last night around 9:00 a vacationer watched a turtle try to climb this pushed up dune. She couldn’t make it up or dig a chamber in the soft sand and returned to the ocean.