HAPPY 4th to all!

HOB: The center of activity this morning was HOB with a total of 5 crawls all before the end of the treeline! Martha felt it would be good practice for some who have not had much activity. Judy Moody was summoned but was ‘off Reservation”. ‘Energizer Michael’ rose to the occasion and began working on the northernmost crawl. As it turned out, there was one natural nest and 4 false crawls. The issue in the wooded area is roots, soft sand and the coyote marked the northernmost crawl. Thanks to Martha and Michael for the sweat equity they devoted today!

HOBFC16  south SS#4 

HOB15  Natural  250 yds. south SS#4 

HOBFC17  150 yds. south SS#4  U Turn 

HOBFC18  300 yds. south SS#0  open chamber and thick mud material   

HOBFC19  100 yds. south SS#0  turtle exited over HOB13 to the north and took down sign,     coyote poop marked nest. Michael said sand was soft so she may have been unable to form chamber.

PRG 4 DEB 8 HOB 15 SCUTE 79 SC 3786

7-4-23 With a total of 5 crawls on Hobcaw this morning, there was only 1 nest, HOB15 located by Martha.
7-4-23 Michael pitched in to help out and worked on HOBFC19 but could find no egg chamber.