The turtles visited PRG and HOB last night but kept away from congested DEB.

PRG: After a long PRG turtle drought, Pat O. found two crawls near the DuPuis home, both up to the dune. Donna S., having no DEB activity, came north to help. Pat worked the southern crawl and Donna worked the northern crawl. After extensive probing, both were deemed false crawls. Buffie and Mark heard lots of fireworks last night that sounded like they were being set off on Prince George’s beach that may have scared these nesting turtles.
DEBFC10 (PRG) South of SS#4 (DuPuis home)
DEBFC11 (PRG) North of SS#4 (DuPuis home)

HOB: Susan, subbing for vacationing Duane, had 3 crawls before SS#4 and called for reinforcements. Carolyn has been training and not had a real chance to work on her proficiency and went to help out, starting on the northernmost crawl south of SS#0. Susan ended up locating a nest and false crawl. Carolyn found no eggs in her crawl but both she and Susan put forth a great effort on this warm morning! Susan sent this great sunrise photo with the track in the foreground:)

HOB16 Natural   south SS#4   

HOBFC20  140 yds. north SS#4  False crawl with open chamber 

HOBFC21  south SS#0  False crawl under dead tree

PRG 4 DEB 8 HOB 16 SCUTE 84? SC 3882

7-5-23 Susan found 3 crawls on Hobcaw all before the end of the treeline. This is the only one that turned out to be a nest, HOB16.
7-5-23 This is one of 2 false crawls at Prince George. This turtle did some climbing! Maybe she will try again tonight:)
7-5-23 This dramatic sunrise photo was taken by Susan on Hobcaw Beach.