North: Tom found an older crawl well past the old groin/#16mm at Prince George. He gave it a try but decided it was a false crawl.

DEBFC14  200 yds. north #16mm 

Middle: Walter was joined by Buffie and Mark this morning. They had a crawl south WW#6. After probing for a while, they declared it a false crawl.

DEBFC13  south WW#6 

Hobcaw: Judy K. and Maribeth subbed for Steven and had 3 crawls:

HOBFC23  false crawl south #2mm (ran into log) 

HOBFC24  false crawl south WW#12 (tried to climb dune) 

HOB37  north #0mm (Ocean Green) turtle left perfect imprint of her head on dune. Maribeth quickly located egg chamber…yay! 

DNA vials: SCDNR comes every 3 weeks to pick up the DNA eggshells that we are collecting (1 egg from each nest). This is the box we will give them Tuesday for DEB/HOB/NTH. Thankfully, this project which began in 2010, has again received NOAA funding for another 3 years, though the dollar value is less. The information we receive about these turtles is fascinating, telling us where they are nesting in a season, how often and if they have daughters/granddaughters. We know that in their nesting, some are very site-specific and then some have no allegiance to their ‘home beach’ and travel great distances between nests. Thank you to our volunteers for their contribution to this important project.

DEB 37 HOB 36 SCUTE 191 SC 4789

6-24 This turtle left a perfect imprint of her head at the nest she laid in Ocean Green (HOB37).
6-24 Maribeth wasted no time using her probe to locate the egg chamber of natural HOB37.
6-24 As part of a NOAA funded DNA study, volunteers collect 1 egg from each nest in SC. The DNA of these eggshells give us a lot of information about how often these turtles are nesting during the season, where they are nesting and if they have daughters/granddaughters.