Hobcaw: Duane had just walked down WW#12 ‘when what to his wandering eyes should appear’…but a crawl! This turtle scaled the scarp and wandered up the pushed up dune and into the grasses, past the sign saying “Keep off the Dunes” and made a body pit. Duane probed the nest, found some soft spot and found the eggs…way to go!

DEB 1 HOB 2 SCUTE 5 SC 183

5-22-21 This turtle was very determined to get her nest out of harm’s way and crawled high on the dune in Ocean Green.
5-22-21 Duane said turtles can’t read!
5-22-21 There wasn’t a big body pit but Duane found the egg chamber.
5-22-21 This egg will be used to sample the turtle’s DNA which will give us information about where the turtle lays, how often she lays and if she has any daughters/granddaughters.