Hobcaw: Martha and Debbie (working on certification) spotted a crawl with a concise body pit and nest potential north #14mm. Walking on and taking inventory at supply stations, they returned for Debbie to probe. Martha had Debbie place a reed where she thought the chamber would be. Turns out she was right on it…your analysis paid off, Debbie!

Publication notification: Congratulations to our volunteer and author, Anita Turnage, for her newest children’s book titled Later Gator. The setting is here at DeBordieu on Alligator Alley with Anita and her grandchildren. She is generously donating a portion of the proceeds to DeBordieu & Hobcaw SCUTE. It is available on Anita’s website at: www.nanattales.com.

DEB 30 HOB 24 SCUTE 132 SC 3594

7-6-21 This crawl, north #14 on Hobcaw sure looked like a nest to Martha and Debbie.
7-6-21 Instructing, Martha had Debbie place a reed where she thought the egg chamber would likely be. Debbie was right on it!
7-6-21 Debbie brought out one egg which will be used for DNA.
7-6-21 Later Gator, a children’s book written by volunteer, Anita Turnage is set here at DeBordieu!