Hobcaw: Buffie and Mark subbed for Bob and found a crawl just north #4mm but no other activity. Lori and Michael had no Middle activity so Michael went to work with Team DuPuis on the crawl. Michael and Buffie both probed and she found a soft area that Michael confirmed, dug down and found eggs! He counted, did the relocation and carried the bucket…wow!

HOB14 Relocated  to south #6mm  135 eggs

Certification: We are proud to announce that Donna Stevenson has earned her SCDNR certification! She came to our project in 2020 after learning about it from her neighbor, Maribeth. Donna has enjoyed walking the North with her and learning from other volunteers. The most exciting event for them was witnessing a daytime nesting last June!

Donna and her family moved to Pawleys Island from Long Island, NY in 2009 seeking a simpler way of life. They have especially enjoyed the nature and wildlife our area has to offer. Donna earned her degree in accounting and is finance manager for Jones, Lang & LaSalle. She and Terry have 3 daughters and a grandson. We are so happy to welcome Donna as a full-fledged SCDNR certified volunteer!

DEB 21 HOB 14 SCUTE 94 SC 3029

6-17-22 Buffie and Mark found this crawl on Hobcaw which told them the turtle spent a significant amount of time on the beach!
6-17-22 The body pit was in the line of reeds at the edge of thick grasses.
6-17-22 Michael got more probing experience and HOB14 was eventually located!
6-17-22 Relocation of the nest was necessary due to the vulnerable location known for wash overs and puddling.
6-17-22 It was a busy day for Michael taking care of HOB14 by helping locate the chamber, relocating the eggs and carrying the bucket to the new home. Good job Michael!
6-17-22 Congratulations to Donna St. who has earned her SCDNR certification!