Hobcaw: Martha and Pat St. teamed up and found one crawl with high nest potential south #5mm. They felt this was a young turtle from the track width, small body pit and shallow nest. Pat probed, found the soft spot and Martha dug down to locate the egg chamber…go team!

HOB26 Natural  south #5mm  on a slant above STL

DNA: Dr. Brian Shamblin, Phd with the University of GA, has started generating DNA results from the collection by volunteers of an egg from each nest. The only ones to date are from HOB. See results below from a few and notice some of our turtles are loyal to their hatching beach and some not so much! 

DEB 32              HOB 26                SCUTE 157                       SC 5410

7-5-22 Pat St. takes the GPS of a potential nest on Hobcaw.
7-5-22 Pat and Martha together located the egg chamber of HOB26 and were able to leave it natural. They felt the turtle was a young one.