Hobcaw: Kathi A. had 2 crawls close together in the boneyard area of Hobcaw likely by the same turtle. Neither held a lot of promise but there was one area of possibility in the northernmost crawl. After a tough bike ride back into the NE wind from the inlet, Kathi arrived at the site. She probed a likely area and located eggs…way to go! The earlier attempt, to the south, proved to be a false crawl.

Middle: Walkway #6 appears to be the hot spot for young people and late night partying. Donna said she has picked up beer cans, etc. in this area for the last 2 Wednesdays. This morning she found a disgusting pile of chairs, beer cans, liquor bottles. It even looked like they tossed the beach chairs on fire logs (photo). DeBordieu is a wonderful and special place to live and visit. Our hope is that all will respect it and keep it clean and clear of debris both for people and nesting sea turtles.

DEB 1 HOB 1 SCUTE 5 SC 155

5-20 The boneyard area of Hobcaw is always tough for turtles to navigate. This turtle looped around several times, bumping into tree roots, but successfully laid her eggs!
5-20 Kathi A. probed a likely area and located the egg chamber of Hobcaw’s first nest of the season…Yay Kathi!
5-20 Kathi A. found and located the first Hobcaw nest of the 2020 season.
5-20 This disgusting sight, just south of Walkway #6, greeted Donna on her Wednesday morning survey. Security was notified but the clean up should be done by the culprits. Please leave the beach clean and clear for people and nesting sea turtles!