As we move out of this strange May weather, nesting should pick up with June’s more stable (hopefully) climate.

North: Mark, Buffie and Cooper take an evening walk south from Prince George everyday. Yesterday they spotted a long, deep trench just north of #7mm. To show the depth, Mark had Cooper (wearing his turtle-friendly collar) get in the deeper part. This is a major hazzard for people, dogs and turtles! If you must dig holes, please do so below the high tide line so they will naturally fill in. Thank you.

This deep trench is just north of #7mm (North Access Rd.)

Hobcaw: Bob B. found a (non-Gimpy) crawl just north of #14mm that crawled up on the high dune, came down and made a body pit on the face of the dune. Bob located the chamber and did a great job…Go Bob! He also had a false crawl just north of #12mm that was likely an earlier effort by the nesting turtle.

Bob B. had this crawl just north of #14 on Hobcaw.
HOB05 located and protected!

Bob spotted alligator tracks leading to and from the inlet. Alligators get out in the ocean and can take salt water for a short time but then have to find their way back to brackish/fresh. Sometimes this can be difficult:(

Alligators tracks show the lumbering walk with tail drag.

DEB 3 HOB 5 SCUTE 21 SC 716