Hobcaw: Susan was joined by Lourdes this morning and they immediately had a false crawl in Ocean Green. It was likely an earlier attempt by the same turtle that came up again north of #6mm. This had high nest potential but was below the spring tide line. After returning from the inlet, Lourdes went through the probing procedure and easily located the egg chamber. She, with Susan supervising, did the entire relocation by herself and did it very well! This is our first relocated nest of the season.

HOBFC08 40 yds. north #0mm   HOB10 Relocated 45 yds. north #6mm   

       DEB 4 HOB 10 SCUTE 35 SC 964

HOB10 was laid low on the beach so Lourdes, with Susan observing, did the probing/relocating process on her own.