Hobcaw: Martha found 2 crawls this morning. She located the egg chamber of the one north of #9mm that was a textbook crawl…Yay Martha! The crawl north of #7mm was more challenging and after searching extensively, no eggs were found. It is possible both crawls were made by the same turtle.

HOB13  83 yds. north #9mm    HOBFC09 55 yds. north #7mm 

DEB 5 HOB 13 SCUTE 44 SC 1469

Martha found this crawl north of #9mm on Hobcaw…a textbook crawl!
Martha located the egg chamber and protected HOB13 just before a downpour!
This crawl north of #7mm on Hobcaw had potential but maybe the vegetation proved too challenging for the turtle to dig her chamber…a false crawl??