Hobcaw: Steven had the only activity today with a false crawl and a nest…way to go!

HOB29 Natural  north #7mm    up at base of dunes, in front of grasses, barnacle on plastron

HOBFC56  south #18mm  turtle crawled up and around a dead root, lots of roots

DEB 36           HOB 29            SCUTE 185            SC 6063 

7-11-22 Steven found this crawl that had good nest potential north #7mm on Hobcaw. You can see the imprint up the middle of her crawl made by a barnacle on her plastron.
7-11-22 Steven probed and located the chamber of HOB29 and left it natural…good location!
7-11-22 This turtle crawled up around #18mm on Hobcaw, encountered dead limbs and roots. She circled around unable to dig her chamber and returned to the ocean.