All was quiet on PRG and DEB this morning. Monday seems to be the day for HOB!

HOB: Steven had 2 crawls this morning: one near SS#4 another just above the high tide line and the other further south. Debbie, having no DEB activity, headed south with her brother-in-law to help Steven. The furthest nest needed to be located/relocated before high tide at 7:54 a.m. The chamber was found and the big clutch was moved:

HOB14 Relocated to just north SS#12 

The crawl at SS#4 had no uprooted vegetation or thrown sand and after extensive probing, Steven and Debbie found no chamber. maybe she will revisit tonight:)

DEBFC15  SS#4 

Steven sent this tranquil sunrise photo of Hobcaw Beach.

PRG 4 DEB 8 HOB 14 SCUTE 78 SC 3645

7-3-23 HOB14 was laid just above the high tide line and would need relocation.
7-3-23 With Debbie’s help, Steven relocated 164 eggs (+1 for DNA) to a location behind the original and closer to the dunes
7-3-23 This false crawl sure looked like a perfect nest and location but neither Debbie or Steven found any eggs.
7-3-23 Steven sent this tranquil sunrise photo from Hobcaw Beach.