Hobcaw: Martha and Debbie paired up this morning and found a potential nest south of #6mm. They continued on to find a long Gimpy crawl with 6 digging attempts but no eggs deposited. Poor girl:( 

Returning from the inlet, Martha located the egg chamber in the crawl at #6mm. Debbie was excited to observe the nest finding procedure and learned a lot from her instructor…good teamwork! 

HOBFC27   82 yds. south #15mm    HOB27   41 yds. south #6mm   

Martha and Debbie found this crawl south of #6mm that had nest potential.
Martha located the egg chamber of HOB27 while Debbie was excited observe the process.
Due to the pandemic, SCDNR is not allowing hands-on training of new volunteers. Debbie was happy to be an observer and learn the process from veteran volunteer, Martha!
Gimpy tried unsuccessfully 6 different times to dig a chamber deep enough to hold her clutch of eggs. We hope she returns and prevails tonight.

Our inquisitive WY friend, Jessica, is getting a great turtle education and also watched the HOB27 process. Afterwards, she headed down to Gimpy’s crawl and sent back this video. She was curious about how we know it is this particular turtle. She now understands about the missing right rear flipper and the imprint it leaves in her crawl.This hinders Gimpy’s ability to dig her chamber deep enough to deposit eggs.


DEB 17 HOB 27 SCUTE 82 SC 3081