North: Inventory of DEB10 6/9 in Ocean Park at #6mm (8 minute walk north from Beach Club)

Middle: Inventory of DEB11 6/10 between Walkways #5 and #6

Hobcaw: Robin, subbing for Martha, had activity! She had a potential nest just north #7mm with the body pit snugged up to the dune. She probed and located the egg chamber of HOB38! Robin walked on south to find another loopy crawl that turned out to be a false crawl. Great day for Robin just when we thought nesting was over!

DEB 47 HOB 38 SCUTE SC 5399

Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!

8-10-21 Robin was surprised to find a crawl this morning on Hobcaw. We thought nesting was about over!
8-10-21 This turtle did a good job of laying her nest snug to the dune on Hobcaw.
8-10-21 HOB38 was left natural to incubate on Hobcaw Beach…likely to be an October hatch.