North: Lourdes did the inventory DEB01 which was a great nest. With a total count of 145, it is a very large nest and had a hatch success of 90.3%! Thankfully, her son and girlfriend were along for the release of 14 frisky hatchlings. Lourdes said there were people with dogs and it was nice to have the help keeping them away from the hatchlings on the beach. This is a great success for a May nest…YAY!  Watch video:

Hobcaw: Susan had our first nest in more than a week! She found a crawl just south #6mm with even tracks that went up behind a low vegetated dune. She located the chamber and decided the nest was in a good spot…hooray for Susan!

HOB43  6 yds. south #6mm   

DEB 25 HOB 43 SCUTE 155 SC 5221