We always hope nesting will end by Aug. 15 because later nests take longer to incubate as days are shorter/nights cooler going into fall. But…there was a nest on Hobcaw today!

North: Bob B. had this report:

Inventory results:
natural 6/16 north #14mm   Hatch success: 37.4% very deep with lots of roots
DEB31 natural 6/17 north #16mm   Hatch success: 89.2% with 6 hatchlings released!

Middle: Pat, Marie & John had this report:

Inventory at 6:00 p.m.:DEB39 relocated 6/26 north WW#6   crab holes this morning * Please check the website at 5:00 p.m. for inventory status!

Hobcaw: Bill had 2 false crawls and a nest! He believes the 3 crawls were all by the same large turtle:
HOBFC48 north #1mm   left open chamber    
HOBFC49 north #6mm  U-turn   

HOB68 natural north #6mm  

DEB 63 HOB 68 SCUTE 354 SC 8596

8-16 Bob B. did the inventory of DEB31 and found 6 hatchlings still in the chamber! Here, he released 2 of them with several interested beach walkers watching.
8-16 DEB28 (natural) did not have a good hatch success because it was laid in roots which suck the moisture from eggs and entangle hatchlings. This was also a very deep nest.
8-16 Bill was surprised to find 3 crawls this morning on Hobcaw all apparently by a determined large turtle. She had one U-turn false crawl and one where she left an open chamber. Fortunately, she nested and this became HOB68!