Inventory results: DEB14  6/12  between the Beach Club walkway and #5mm in Ocean Park – this was a great inventory with one live, strong    hatchling – 123/126 for a hatching success of 98%…our best to date! 

Hobcaw: Martha subbed for Steven and found a textbook crawl/body pit just south of the last house in Ocean Green. Returning from the inlet, she probed in the soft sand and eventually located the deep egg chamber of HOB39…congrats Martha!

DEB 47 HOB 39 SCUTE 205 SC 5458

Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!

8-16-21 Just when we thought nesting was over, Martha found this crawl just south of Ocean Green on Hobcaw in an area we call “the nursery”.
8-16-21 This turtle laid her nest in a perfect spot for incubation going into the fall when days are shorter and nights are cooler. Volunteers can keep a close watch on this one. This nest will likely hatch near the end of October.
8-16-21 Martha located the egg chamber of HOB39, protected it and documented what may be the last nest of the season!