North: Lori and Michael joined Pat O. who was subbing for Lourdes. The only activity they had was a clear cut U turn false crawl

DEBFC13  north #11mm 

Hobcaw: Susan had a brisk walk trying to beat the incoming king tide. She found that ‘Barnacle Betty’ successfully laid a nest between #3 and #4mms. This turtle has a barnacle on her plastron which makes a squiggle up the center of her crawl. The chamber was just above the tide line, just below the grasses and Susan located the egg chamber quickly! Duane felt both his false crawls yesterday were from this same turtle.

HOB13 Natural   south #3mm 

DEB 21 HOB 13 SCUTE 90 SC 2960

6-16-22 A very clear U turn false crawl is a gift to turtle volunteers who otherwise can spend a lot of time searching for eggs that aren’t there. This turtle never stopped crawling.
6-16-22 The crawl of Barnacle Betty shows the squiggle up the middle likely made by a barnacle on her belly. The difference in crawl lengths let Susan know the turtle spent a significant amount of time on the beach.
6-16-22 Susan easily located Barnacle Betty’s egg chamber and left the nest natural…HOB13!