Hobcaw: Bob B. was happy to report a crawl early in his walk south of #1mm. He returned from the inlet to easily probe and locate the egg chamber up in the vegetation where the current study wires have been lifted. Bob did a great job reporting his nest information and sending photos! HOB11  60 yds. south #1mm 

Bob B. had no problem locating HOB11 which was laid high in the vegetation.

Nurdles: Mark and Buffie have reminded us about our newest ocean debris problem…plastic nurdles. It seems all plastic products are made of these tiny pellets and the Charleston area is becoming a hot spot for these manufacturers due to the port. These toxic nurdles are getting into the waterways by accidental spills in transport and end up in the ocean and on our beaches. Fish, turtles, etc. mistake them for fish eggs and ingest them. They ultimately end up in the food chain. Please be on the lookout and let’s take part in the ‘Great Nurdle Hunt’: https://www.nurdlehunt.org.uk/the-problem.html

DEB 4 HOB 11 SCUTE 36 SC 1163

Plastic nurdles can end up in the ocean and wash up on beaches. These pellets are toxic and fish, turtles, etc. mistake them for fish eggs.