North: Judie E., Maribeth, Buffie and Mark had a great inventory this morning with no hatchlings to release! Natural sand makes a big difference in the success of a nest.
DEB03 natural 5/19 south #14mm   Hatch success: 94.8%

We will inventory natural DEB07 dated 5/23 located 91 yds. south #9mm tonight at 6:00 p.m.

Hobcaw: Wendy and Duane did the first Hobcaw inventory and also had good results. All the hatchlings that could, emerged on their own:
HOB01 natural 43 yds. north #14mm   Hatch success: 89.7%

They had 2 crawls likely by the same turtle that had 3 attempts Friday:

HOBFC45 false crawl north #2mm  HOB65 natural south #2mm   

Wendy & Duane reported the hatch of relocated HOB05 dated 5/26 (55 days) north #7mm with 45 tracks counted. Robin will inventory this nest Tuesday morning when subbing for Martha.

DEB 59 HOB 65 SCUTE 325 SC 7834

7-20 The turtle that laid HOB65 pulled up the screen of another nest and covered her chamber for about 5 feet!
7-20 Wendy and Duane both probed trying to locate the soft area indicating the egg chamber.
7-20 About 45 tracks were counted from the hatch of HOB05.