Hobcaw: Martha walked with Debbie and her sister, Amy this morning. They had no activity until just north #19mm. A turtle crawled up on the low scarp and made a long body pit with fluffy sand. Rounding the inlet, checking for further activity, they found the #16mm sign. We think this may be the one missing from Prince George after TS Elsa! They returned to the crawl and Debbie probed the long area and located the egg chamber of HOB34 on the edge of the scarp:) With this poor habitat, they headed north to relocate. Debbie did a great job this morning and this makes her 3rd relocation!

Mystery solved: Bob B. pointed out that Steven’s strange nest in Ocean Green from yesterday was the same location where HOB29 (7/16) was originally laid. Bill checked it and believes Steven’s was actually a false crawl. He probed and found the 6 eggs Bob and Pat St. left in the original chamber. Comparing the photos and GPS, it has to be the case!

DEB 40 HOB 34 SCUTE 177 SC 4609

Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!!

7-20-21 This turtle climbed the low scarped dune north #19mm and made a long body pit.
7-20-21 Probing, while instructor Martha looked on, Debbie located the egg chamber and began the relocation process. If this nest was left natural, it would surely be washed away.
7-20-21 Debbie successfully relocated the nest of HOB34 with her sister Amy observing.
7-20-21 HOB34 is now in much better habitat for incubation just north #15mm. Debbie and Amy had a neat sister experience this morning!